Incremental constructions within and across languages:
Where degrees, eventualities and discourse dynamics interact

workshop at ESSLLI 2024
29. July - 2. Aug 2024, Leuven (Belgium)

Incrementality ('adding up to a larger whole', K├Ânig 1991) can be expressed by English more, German noch/mehr, Hebrew od, Mandarin hai etc. While studies of individual incremental constructions exist, there are still many gaps in their understanding. This workshop aims to fill such gaps (A) by studying how incremental constructions vary syntactically and semantically, both across and within languages, and (B) by trying to integrate insights from two approaches to incrementality, which thus far have not interacted:

See also the full workshop description.

Invited speakers
Katja Jasinskaja (University of Cologne)
Osamu Sawada (Kobe University)
Guillaume Thomas (University of Toronto)
Linmin Zhang (NYU Shanghai)

The workshop is included in the ESSLLI 2024 summer school in Leuven (Belgium). It will be in the first week (29.July - 2. Aug 2024).

The topic of the workshop is closely related to that of the course on Scalarity and additivity in natural language, which is also in the first week. Course participants are welcome.

Here you find the call for papers .

The workshop is organized by Yael Greenberg and Carla Umbach. If you have questions, please contact us.